Gait & Movement Lab Testimonials

Beautiful Facility, quality treatment, and very personalized assessment and training. Dr. Meredith S carefully dissected my running form using the SIMI motion analysis to correct my gait and running stride and reveal my muscle imbalances. The feedback was helpful and easy for me to implement in my training. I already achieved a new personal record in the 400m this year!

K. Curry, Nationally ranked professional track athlete & 2016 Olympic hopeful


With my 50th birthday looming, it was time to act. I had not run pain-free in five years – the physical and emotional impact of my inactivity could no longer be ignored.  Calling Elevate four months ago was the best decision I could have taken. Today, I am running, biking and hiking – three of my favorite things.

Not only did Meredith relieve the pain, she understood the underlying problem and fixed it long-term.  Her three-pronged approach worked: The physical therapy did wonders for the pain. The exercises strengthened the surrounding muscles. The SIMI movement / running analysis system allowed Meredith to show me how to modify my running form to solicit the right muscles and prevent future injuries.

I am running full speed ahead to that milestone birthday – forever grateful to Meredith and the Elevate team!

N. Benoit, Marketing Executive


I came in to see Meredith for a running gait analysis in order to improve my running form. I found the whole session to be very helpful and she provided me with specific exercises to improve my running.
I was really happy to see the amount of detail I was able to garner from one session. Meredith used electrodes and video technology to give me a thorough understanding of my issue.

Roman L., Ultra-runner