“Thanks to Dr. Mitchell and her team I still have every single original piece of my spine…You are in the best hands.”

Zora Pastor

FIVE STARS IS NOT ENOUGH! A coworker referred me to see Dr. Brooke Mitchell after a really bad spine/disk injury put me off my feet for months. Before my first appointment at ELEVATE, 2 Spine Surgeons and 1 Neurosurgeon told me that a spinal fusion is the my only solution. Is it really? … From first contact Dr. Mitchell was on it, responsive and supportive. When I started I was in so much pain, it only took 2 one on one sessions and the pain level started dropping and after only 5 months I’m feeling so much better and stronger. Her knowledge of the human body, how the functioning of each part affects all the other parts’ is scary… in a fantastic way! Thanks to Dr. Michell and her team I still have every single original piece of my spine and disks where they are supposed to be. Eternally grateful. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate. You are in the best hands.

“I much prefer their 1 to 1 philosophy… Meredith & Elevate PT are why I am recovering so fast!”

-Patrie Sardo

I’ve been working with Meredith Soelberg to prepare my body for partial knee replacement as well as post-surgical care. I much prefer their 1 to 1 philosophy as opposed to working with a PT who’s focused on multiple people at once. It’s more expensive but I get so much out of each session, I can go less often and do my exercises at home. Meredith and Elevate PT are why I am recovering so fast! Haven’t been able to run for 2-3 years, slowly running again and so excited!! Thank you Meredith and the whole team at Elevate Physical Therapy!


“I enjoy my PT sessions, and I honestly believe they are saving my life.”

Ann Pfeffer

My physical therapist is Jasmine Burton, who is superb. I’ve had three other physical therapists lately (at other places in Santa Monica) and Jasmine is by far the best. She’s got a lot of advanced training, for Parkinson’s patients and other things too, I believe, She’s kind and sympathetic, yet no nonsense. She really gets you to work hard, without causing pain or soreness. I enjoy my PT sessions, and I honestly believe they are saving my life.

PS Jasmine also referred me to Michelle, who teaches Pilates at Elevate. I love Michelle, too, who is very knowledgeable, works you hard without hurting you, and is lots of fun.

“Best PT in LA…  HIGHLY recommend.”

-Diane Solomon

Elevate PT and Fitness is the best. I’ve had various and sundry PT needs in the past and all of the therapists at Elevate are fantastic. They’ve gotten me feeling better in a reasonable amount of time. And my kids have both had knee and ankle and wrist issues and Elevate got them healed up and moving quickly. Best PT in LA I’ve been to. HIGHLY recommend.

“…completely transformed my fourteen year old son”

-Brinley Turner

Love love love these folks! Absolute lifesavers. Complete professionals, so good with kids, the place is spotless and state of the art facility. If you can’t get an appointment just leave your name for a potential cancelling and they are so good at accommodating! They really, really care about their patients.

Dr. Meredith Soelberg and her team at Elevate completely transformed my fourteen year old son’s painful situation into “light at the end of the tunnel”. Within a session his pain was reduced to a minimum from a basketball lower back and shoulder injury. She gave him the tools to stretch and exercise at home that helped him heal in between sessions. She is a miracle worker! Highly recommend!

“…the highest quality physical therapy and personal training”

– Eric Leskly

Elevate truly offers the highest quality physical therapy and personal training services. I have been fortunate to work with both Meredith and Brooke (the owners), as well as several of the trainers. Everyone is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. The gym has great equipment and the front office staff is responsive and easy to work with. I would highly recommend to anyone dealing with injury/recovery or looking to improve performance in running and other endurance sports.

“…little short of miraculous”

– Jon Amiel – Director

I’ve suffered with lower back issues for many years now and during those years I’ve tried many different treatment modalities. Orthopedists, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, herbalists and homeopaths have all done their level best for me, to little avail. I’d resigned myself to the role of Permanent Back Victim – until I met Meredith Soelberg.

With Meredith’s treatment and guidance I’ve not only turned my body around but my way of thinking about my body. Her approach is common- sensical and is grounded in up-to-the-minute but tried and tested physical therapy practice – so why have her results been (in my case at least) little short of miraculous?

She is in the very literal sense hands-on. She combines some of the latest pain-management technologies with stretching and strengthening exercises and a massage technique with seasoned expert knowledge of bio-mechanics and trigger points with sensitivity and intuition. And while she’s working on your body (be warned!) she’s working on you. She’s working to understand – and help you understand – the deeper underlying causes of what ails you.

This to me is what makes Meredith special. She creates a working relationship where you and she collaborate to bring your body back to wellness. It’s a reciprocal partnership to which you as the patient are also invited to make a commitment.

You need to do your exercises and take her advice and work on wellness if you want to get well. But you cannot enter the powerful and energetic field of this superb therapist without immediately starting to feel better. She has not only the knowledge and the experience to make you better but also the warm and positive energy to inspire you to want to stay better.

Some practitioners of the healing arts and sciences strive to make you dependent on their services. Meredith Soelberg does the opposite. She does everything in her power to make you strong and healthy and finally, independent of her.

I can think of no better testimonial.


“Highly customized and hands-on approach to both PT for injuries and fitness…”

– Alex Vadas

Highly customized and hands-on approach to both physical therapy for injuries and fitness for injury prevention / sports performance. Treatment staff is highly knowledgeable and dedicated to great outcomes (many patients are referred from other PT studios). Fitness training staff is next level and have really trained me on how to better use my body and work on weakness areas from a holistic perspective. I am so impressed with the training staff, I have enrolled my eight year-old into their youth program that teaches kids about proper form, etc. (I only wish this was available when I was a kid). Great facilities with convenient free parking right outside.


“…my progress never stopped”

– Madeline Leonard – Owner, Cloutier Remix
One of the things I appreciate most about Meredith is that she understood my particular physical goals. She customized my physical therapy program. Previous pt experiences felt cookie cutter, one formula for all. To this day I still do some of the stretches that she taught me.

Meredith had the perfect balance of pain management and the right sequence of exercises/repetitions to keep me progressing. Even though my rehabilitation took many months, my progress never stopped and she continued to introduce new activities throughout.

And last but not least, her personality and enthusiasm was a cure in itself.


“I highly recommend Elevate…”

– David Sullivan

I highly recommend Elevate Physical Therapy. Dr Mitchell was wonderful, thoughtful and gave me some great exercises to continue strengthening and rehabilitating my shoulder. I’m a surfer and was having shoulder pain – she was knowledgable and professional.


“…he thought she was a miracle worker, so I made an appointment”

– Lise Davis

About one year ago, a friend recommended to me a physical therapist by the name of Meredith Soleberg. It was one of those conversations we all seem to have these days now that we are getting older. I am in my early fifties and lately the subject of aches and pains tends to be a popular topic for me and my friends to discuss and lament. For instance, aching knees. It really is sobering. I marvel at the sight of children broadly smiling and running through the crosswalk with ease and sheer joy at break neck speed as I sit and watch from behind the wheel of my car at the stoplight . When I look at TV with my husband, I am incredulous at how those football players jump up off the ground after being hit hard by their opponents. I imagine how utterly incapacitated I would be if I was knocked down like that. Then there is that same crosswalk, but this time as I sit at the light, I soberly observe an older woman (older than me that is), slowly and gingerly making her way across the road, her head down and her shoulders slumped far too far forward. It hurts to watch. I don’t want to end up like her in ten or twenty years. I want to feel like that kid!

But back to Meredith and my knees. Actually, my right knee. It all began after helping my son move into his fifth floor walk up where he is living while attending NYU. I bet I made at least 50 trips up and down those stone steps that weekend, carrying various and sundry boxes from IKEA and Bed, Bath and Beyond. It was then that I noticed the achey feeling in my right knee begin to become more and more constant. Stairs became no longer just something to climb up and down, but to endure. Just the act of rolling over in bed as I slept, hurt like the dickens when the sheet would “catch” my knee. I complained to my friends. They all nodded in sympathetic understanding having also had or heard of my all too familiar condition. That is when Meredith’s name came up.

She had been working with my friend Bill, who had some aches and pains of his own. He thought she was a miracle worker. So I called and made an appointment.

Now for the good part of my story. My knee doesn’t hurt anymore! Please let me explain…
Meredith is not a miracle worker. She is a competent and thoughtful Physical Therapist. She did not cure me of my aches and pains. She did, however, show me how to move and use my body so as not to have pain. She taught me. She patiently gave me therapy (which really helped and felt great), and encouraged me to do specific exercises to improve my condition and make my body stronger and less prone to injury. I learned that aches and pains do not necessarily have to happen just because we are getting older. After a diagnostic MRI, it was determined that I would need surgery to repair the torn meniscus. It was Meredith, not my surgeon, who prepared me for my surgery and for my post operative regimen. She showed me how to use the crutches BEFORE I had the procedure. She reinforced the concept of how important ice would be in my recovery. She checked in with me. She helped me regain my balance (Who knew that I would lose balance after such a surgery?!). Yes, my surgeon did a great job, but without Meredith and her before and after care, I doubt I would be so happy with the outcome. I am now 8 months out from my surgery and I can climb stairs without giving it a thought or grimace. I still marvel at how kids can run so effortlessly, and I still cannot fathom how athletes on the football field do what they do Sunday after Sunday, but I don’t live in fear of someday becoming that woman in the crosswalk.

Thank you Meredith. Thank you for teaching me and for giving me the therapy I needed to recover and live my really wonderful life without pain!


“…I beat my goal time by seven minutes!”

– Ian Rogers – Chief Digital Officer LVMH

Two months before the LA Marathon an overuse injury had me unable to run at all. With Meredith’s care, help, and advice not only did I complete the race but I beat my goal time by seven minutes and finished in 3 hours 23 minutes!

“… Elevate is amazing!… one of the best doctors I have ever worked with.”


Elevate is amazing! Everyone who works there is incredibly friendly, professional, knowledgable and skilled. Dr. Brooke Mitchell is one of the best doctors I have ever worked with. Incredibly focused and attentive, she remembers everything we’ve talked about and always carefully addresses my questions. She has helped me reduce chronic pain and given me a path to healing that feels attainable and supported. I have also worked with Alexa and Kyle as trainers and they are both wonderful, patient, and attentive to good posture and avoiding injury. They are helping me build strength in areas that have been weak and painful and helping me to enjoy more intense workouts. Also Ashley at the front desk is wonderful – so friendly and great at following up via e-mail to schedule appointments, answer questions and provide any additional information. I highly recommend Elevate to anyone looking for physical therapy or a trainer.

“…a trusted and AMAZING practitioner”

– Elisha Reverby – Owner, Get Waxed & Elique Organics Skin Care

Meredith Soelberg saved me! TRULY! after years of off/on again pain that finally imploded and became “on every minute” pain, i tried everything. The acupuncture that used to work, no longer did. The chiropractor that once seemed to know what he was doing only made everything worse and sent my body into the most awful spasms I had ever experienced in my life. The stretching and foam rolling no longer did a thing. I was in SERIOUS ACHY BREAK’Y PAIN! I finally went to see Meredith and was immediately at ease when I recognized how detailed her hands-on practice was. She assessed everything about my posture and movements. She felt here and there, touched and pressed here and there and began immediately working on the problem and I mean working… Meredith spends her entire appointment manually targeting points that need help. Whether fascial tools (owwww but so good for my issues), trigger point recognition and release and/or stretching I always felt completely taken care of and hopeful when in Meredith’s beautiful healing hands. I knew always I was getting better. She is so passionate about her work, never, ever taking shortcuts or rushing. Instead she will do the complete opposite, making sure to be completely thorough every step of the way. She also spends time teaching and going over the physical therapy exercises she expects you to do at home. Again, no slacking here and you have to do the homework at home! If you don’t follow through with your exercise regimen on your own time, you will probably have to see more of Meredith than needed. Thank you Meredith for being a trusted and AMAZING practitioner. There’s not many like you left in the field. You rock!

Oh p.s. I am glad to say I have been virtually pain-free for over a year now and I rarely need sessions with her as I do my PT at home.


“…a naturally-gifted therapist”

– Camille Landau – Marketing Consultant

Meredith is a naturally-gifted therapist who brings the highest degree of professional achievement and integrity to her practice. It was through the combination of Meredith’s deep knowledge and the “extra mile” of her personal commitment that I was able to heal from a stubborn and painful injury. Meredith’s insight, knowledge and experience — along with her personal warmth and — made all the difference.


“…I am able to run, bike, and enjoy yoga”

– Laura Roe Stevens – Writer & Founder, NavigatingVita.com

In April 2012 I tore my left calf tendon in a pilates class. The injury was instantly debilitating as I couldn’t walk. The boot a physician put my leg in—married with my flat feet—was causing me to walk in such a way that I was incurring even more injury to my achilles heel. I hired Meredith Soelberg in mid-April to help with needed physical therapy and I’m convinced that her thorough and thoughtful care enabled me to recover so quickly. Not only is Ms. Soelberg incredibly knowledgable in sports medicine, but she continued to come up with more exercises and recognized that I was causing injury to my achilles due to over-compensating from my initial tendon tear. I’m convinced that if I didn’t seek Ms. Soelberg’s help, I would have continued to damage my leg and may not have returned so swiftly to an active life. Within four weeks of seeing Ms. Soelberg, I was able to ride a bike and take long walks. Today, 5 months after the accident, I am able to run, bike, and enjoy strenuous yoga classes. I am likely stronger in my left leg than before the injury. I can’t say enough about Ms. Soelberg’s passion and professionalism in the field of physical therapy!


“…I was quickly getting better…she gets results”

– Sue Ganz, Owner – Sue Ganz Photography

I came to see Meredith because of excruciating pain I was experiencing in my knee every time I would bend it more than 90 degrees. As a baby and child photographer, I move a lot, especially squatting down to get level with the child or baby. The pain was seriously impeding my work. Meredith’s ability to diagnose and treat the problem was spot on. Within a month of treatment and doing the recommended exercises, I was quickly getting better. Four months later there are absolutely no movements that hinder my work. As an added benefit, while I was having physical therapy for my knee, I mentioned to Meredith that I had been suffering for 8 years from chronic tennis elbow (also from photography) and treatment from another PT and an acupuncturist had done nothing to relieve the pain or correct the problem. Meredith went to work, and now I am pain free of my tennis elbow! I can’t recommend Meredith highly enough. Her knowledge and diligence are superb. She gets results.


“…so amazing and patient”

– Bobbi Marantz

I came to Meredith with hamstring tendonitis in my left leg. I am a person who loves to work out..be it running, boxing, elliptical, yoga.

Meredith was so amazing and patient. She is a real professional and took the time to describe exactly what was going on with my injury. We worked on exercises to strengthen my hamstring and gluteal muscles and she taught me how to change my gait and running pattern. She emphasized how important it is to listen and respect my body.

I am now back to my old self with some changes to my routine.

Thank you, Meredith, for your help, and helping me to respect my limits and
listen to my body.