ELEVATE Gait, Running & Movement Lab

At ELEVATE Physical Therapy, we understand that movement dysfunction is the root cause of many overuse and sport-related injuries of the musculoskeletal system. In ELEVATE’s Gait, Running & Movement Lab, we perform in-depth biomechanical evaluations (along with strength and range-of-motion evaluations for a complete assessment) to identify movement deficiencies that can be causing injury and pain, putting a person at risk for injury, or hampering performance.

We perform movement training and gait analysis as part of rehabilitation and return-to-sport, as well as injury prevention and sport performance.

Our specialized technology and extensive biomechanical analysis training allow us to identify the movement faults and to rehabilitate and train individuals in ways that could never be done without it.

SIMI Motion Aktysis – Research-grade technology including high-speed cameras; motion capture & analysis software for walking and running.

Custom-built Woodway Treadmills capture movement in walking and running from multiple angles on level ground, uphill, downhill, forward and backward.

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Athos Wearable Electromyography (EMG) technology provides real-time, precise muscle activation training for the most effective rehab and fitness training. This system gives immediate visual feedback during any exercise to show which muscles the user is recruiting most, and to what degree, as they move. This can be used to enhance performance and efficiency in high-functioning athletes, and also to make sure muscle activation is occurring correctly in rehab patients.

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Dual 46″ monitors provide real-time biofeedback for movement training during gait, running, jumping, cutting, throwing, weight lifting, circuit training, golfing and more.

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