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ELEVATE is an evidence-based, concierge physical therapy and fitness facility, with an elite team of professionals that will meet you anywhere you are in your state of health, perpetually ELEVATING that state — Rehabilitating from injury, pain and sickness.  Participating in wellness & fitness.  Advancing high-level performance.  For life.

ELEVATE turns the traditional managed-care physical therapy clinic and the mass-market fitness environment on their heads with its concierge physical therapy and fitness model.

Elevate sets the bar very high with our level of care, expertise, and customer service.  Our multi-disciplinary team of experienced Doctors of Physical Therapy, Certified Personal Trainers, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists, Pilates Instructors and Massage Therapists work collaboratively to integrate the best thinking across disciplines for the most innovative and effective programs for clients at any stage of health.

ELEVATE opened its doors to the 2,100 sq. ft. facility in Santa Monica, CA in April 2014.  A founder and the sole owner, Dr. Meredith Soelberg PT, DPT, MBA was a Division 1 college athlete and nationally ranked youth athlete.  She did her graduate PT training at Northwestern University, one of the the best programs in the country.  The Elevate team consists of highly experienced clinicians, passionate about being the best for their clients.  They’ve helped people of all ages from toddlers to 101 years young; of all levels from youth athletes to weekend warriors to professional athletes; all injury types from sprained ankles to post-surgical rehab; and acute to chronic pain.  They are experts in treating musculoskeletal problems of all kinds.  They are movement optimization and manual therapy specialists.

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