Tips, Drills and Advice from Elevate’s Youth Speed & Agility Class

Sunday’s workshop for youth athletes was wonderful, we have such amazing youth athletes in the ELEVATE family and they performed so well with the speed drills and running techniques that Joynier covered.

Everyone went home with a copy of his favorite tips and drills, and we’re posting a copy for you also to try at home, add to a workout, or share with an athlete you know!

Notes to remember:

The Spiderman Lunge and Inchworm are focused on range of motion and are best performed at the beginning of a workout as part of the warm-up.

Banded Bridges and the Side-lying Abduction are glute strengthening exercises and are best performed immediately after your warm-up, before any explosive drills. They can also be repeated anytime between workouts!

The Wall Knee-Drive and Hammer Punch Drills are best performed after the warmup is complete and glute exercises are finished. They can also be used prior to any competition as a way to enhance your turnover rate.



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